LEED PLATINUM SAN VIGILIO UNO is certified SPACE FOR A LIVING BUSINESS The place that transforms a working day into an efficient and inspiring working experience, where time and space are adaptable to each one’s needs.


San Vigilio Uno is a building constantly moving and with a smart attitude. Born by Gio Ponti’s unique creative thinking, it has been evolving during decades, fulfilling different needs and making dynamism its distinguishing feature.

Perfect to affect and inspire the business living inside it.


Situated just outside Quartiere Sant’Ambrogio, in the south of Milan, an area that is living an interesting regeneration program, San Vigilio Uno is 450m far from Famagosta subway station (green line), connecting it to Central station as well as Garibaldi e Cadorna, where to find buses and trains to the most important airports. The area is also served by surface transports and, for those who prefer cars, by Tangenziale Ovest.


A more than 6000mq green area to enjoy a walking during a break or, even better, to transform a business meeting into an open-air moment. The area of the building exposed on Via San Vigilio is dedicated to local services and, furthermore, nearby there can be found restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and Parco Russoli, recently regenerated, at a distance of 500m.

Slide Slide · 12.000sqm divided among 3 buildings
· A more than 6.000sqm green area
· LEED Platinum Certification
· Reception 24h


San Vigilio Uno is open 24h and it is also strongly committed to sustainability and to the safety of the people working inside it. The floors dedicated to offices, both closed and open space, can be adapted according to every specific need with no significant impact on the capacity. Meeting rooms and break areas provide the opportunity to share experience, build relationships and create new ideas.


Slide BUILDING C B. 860 mq di spazio ad uso uffici al primo piano e oltre 500 mq per attività commerciali al piano terra e al piano interrato C. An underground floor, 1000sqm for meeting rooms/auditorium, archives and garage. A. Una torre di dieci piani per un totale di oltre 8.600mq di spazi uffici, da organizzare sia chiusi che open space, e un piano interrato destinato agli archivi. A SPACE FOR EVERY GOAL BUILDING A BUILDING B CLICK ON EACH BUILDING TO SEE THE FEATURES. SEE MODEL FLOOR PLAN


Renovation of the property’s historic facades
Construction of an additional floor over current roof
Introduction of a new glass structure over the facade
New windows with high thermal efficiecy
Refurbishment of building systems
External thermal insulation with distinctive ceramic cladding
New lifts
New entrance and covered path connecting Buildings A and B
Ground floor for commercial use
Park of 6,000 sqm
Meeting rooms in basement fitted with sound proofing